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Clooci Creative

Clooci Creative is the award winning design studio that makes things fun!

We are the dream factory for companies that want to be more original and colourful in the way they use design to communicate their message.

We are proud to be on the Recommended Agency Register and a member of the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


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Jun 26 '14

Questions to ask a graphic designer:

If you are investing in a graphic designer for your brand then it is important that you get the results you are expecting. To ensure this make sure your designer is properly briefed by asking the right questions:

- Can I see some of your previous artwork and designs for clients in a similar sector to me?

- Will I need to supply text and images? While providing your own text and images will help reduce costs, professional photography services and stock photography can enhance the look of your design and engaging the help of a copywriter will ensure your branding remains consistent throughout your wording as well.

- Will I own the copyright to all the artwork you incorporate?

- How long will the work take?

- Will you show me some concept visuals first so I can decide which I prefer? The answer should be yes and the work should only be finalised once you are happy and sign off on it.

- Will you provide me with the original artwork files you create for my project?

Get in touch with our creative team now for all your graphical needs and a free consultation:


Jun 19 '14

Some of the best social issue ads:














If you need help putting together a great marketing campaign do come and speak to us.


Jun 4 '14

Work smarter, not harder:

So you’ve started your own business? Here are some tips to help you settle into the life of an entrepreneur without working yourself into the ground!

Plan, plan, plan!

To get somewhere, you have to know where you are going. It is imperative that you lay out a plan to make sure you know how, and when, you can make those dreams possible. Project planning will also help you to divide your time efficiently and allow you to delegate tasks where possible.

Set realistic time frames

Yes it is your brand but don’t kill yourself trying to achieve tasks in unrealistic time frames. It is much more productive to be reasonable and allocate the correct amount of time needed to each project. This will not only ensure that you, and your staff, get time off work, but also guarantee that projects are not rushed and bodged - this will only waste more time in the long run as tasks would have to be re-done if unsatisfactory.


Learn to focus on the present. Give 100% to everything you are doing, it will come out in the quality of your work and actually save time in the long run. Plus your brand and your clients deserve that kind of attention.

Be flexible

Having a plan, timelines, and focus are daily practices, but you are not shackled to them. As an entrepreneur in a very fast paced world, you have to be able to adapt. Don’t fall into the trap of working 24/7 as this will not give you the competitive edge; this comes from knowing your customers, putting in quality time, with quality work as an output, and being agile to the rapidly changing market so you stay ahead.


May 29 '14

Don’t compromise your brand with social media:

Your social media campaigns need to engage your customers, but not at the expense of your brand, something to be particularly aware of when employing outside experts for your social media management and content marketing.

1) Establish brand guidelines

These guidelines should set out how your company’s image can be played out through social media, including what types of content you’ll post about. Be sure to hand these guidelines out to everyone who will be involved with your brand.

2) Think ‘brand’ before you post

Make sure the guidelines have been followed and everything rings true to your brand. If anything sound sounds of place then don’t tweet it! And remember to think about whether what you have posted will appeal to your specific audience.

3) Align to your brand strategy

Your brand strategy has set out the way your particular brand will go about achieving its goals, so ensure your social media content falls in line.

4) Business aims

Ensure only content that supports and contributes to your business message gets posted. Social media offers the perfect platform to execute new ways of conveying your message instead of just repeating the same old information so use it to keep your audience interested, not bore them with similar posts.

5) Social media strategy

Having considered your brand guidelines, brand strategy and business aims, condense your thinking into a cohesive social media strategy, then plan and timetable your posts to ensure that you don’t go off track and that different posts are delivered every day. This is especially important if more than one person will be managing your social media.

If you need a hand putting together your social media strategy then give us a call and our team of Clooci Creative experts can put one in place for you.


May 22 '14

Tips on building a great brand:

1. Firm purpose & values

A great brand fulfils a desire or need within its market. This is its purpose. Its purpose and supporting values should never change. Products and services and the way they are targeted may vary but the overarching core purpose must never be eroded, or so too will the customer’s faith in the company and ultimately their loyalty towards it.

2. The right customer

To create a brand that is successful requires you to understand the values of your target audience and focus your offering on these customers. Trying to be all things to all people will only dilute and confuse the strength and message of your brand.

3. Brand positioning & brand promise

The brand positioning is how the brand is perceived in the context of competitive alternatives. Brand positioning needs to remain consistent throughout all your marketing efforts or customers will become confused. The brand promise addresses customers’ expectations about a product or service.

4. Stay relevant

By managing to constantly stay relevant to a targeted set of customers, leading brands ensure they maintain ownership of clear points of difference compared with the competition. They stay credible by increasing customers’ trust and loyalty to them.

5. Brand message

Once you’ve finalised your message, be consistent, both in communication and in practice. You don’t have to be the best, just the most consistent. Consistency helps build trust and loyalty which are invaluable to your brand.

If you would like further help on building your brand talk to our Clooci Creative team. We’re excellent at what we do and we #MakeThingsFun!

May 15 '14

What is your logo saying about your brand?

High quality design in the form of a polished user interface and a sleek logo goes a long way when it comes to building a brand. So what does you logo say about your brand?

You want your brand to encompass your company’s personality and values, as well as the value proposition for the customer. Your logo and website are often the first interaction a customer has with your brand.

You can gauge two important traits by comparing your logo to the logos of your competitors: distinguishability and relevancy. While you need to be sure that your logo stands apart from the crowd (especially in a highly saturated market), you also want to make sure that it doesn’t go too far astray, and that you maintain relevance in your industry.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss colour and font as purely aesthetic qualities. There are plenty of studies that debunk the arbitrariness of these choices in logo design.Check out our article on this topic here.

It’s important to stay up-to-date with current design trends and what the movers and shakers of the moment are doing. There is a massive minimalist trend taking over with regards to website design, and simplicity appears to be the way to go these days. Take a look… do your logo designs keep up with these trends? If so, you’re communicating a trendy, tech-savvy, and adaptive brand to your users. If not? Then it’s time to talk to our Clooci Creative team! Give us a shout to see how we can help bring your brand up to speed.

May 15 '14


Make life more colourful with the playful Okiiyo augmented reality toy and Okiiyo app!

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Apr 30 '14

Advice for Start-Ups in simple steps:

1. How to get started. You must think about the following:

- What business to start
- How to raise finance for the business
- What regulations and practical issues should I be aware of before starting?
- Will i need suppliers & wholesalers?
- How to recruit a team
- Selling my products or services

2. Setting up the right business structure:

- Registering as sole trader, LLP, LTD, or forming a partnership?

- Registering with Inland Revenue & Customs and read up on taxes!

3. Think about the perfect name for your business:

- What do I want to convey?

- What does my business do?

- Is there a business already using that name? Research!

4. Register your domain name:

- Remember you will need a website

- And register for all social media while you’re at it too - start with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

5. Branding:

- Design your logo - or get an expert to help. Remember this will be your business first message to the public so make it good and relevant!

- Don’t forget to also have business cards, letterheads and all stationery designed too - consistency is the key to building your brand

6. Choose an accountant:

- You may be ok to do your own taxes in the beginning but as your business grows you may need a professional to help

7. Objectives:

- Think about your goals and 1, 3 and 5 year plans. What do you hope to achieve?

- And most importantly how will you achieve this? Think about, promotions, advertising and marketing to help your brand to grow.

Remember Clooci Creative can help to make your brand stand out from the crowd so give us a call today to see how we can help you with your new venture. We have fantastic packages for Start-Ups so you can focus on everything else and leave the branding to us!


Apr 23 '14

5 Best Apps For Business

There is no real substitution for working in the office, but these five apps should ease much of the headache of travel and off-site obligations. The upside is that many of them make continual improvements to their features and functionality; and with each upgrade, that out-of-office stress lessens and lessens and the idea of out-of-office work becomes more and more realistic.

1) All those receipts….

Scenario: You’re on the go so much you that you’re losing money, personally, as you accrue expenses; there is no way you’ll be able to capture all the receipts and get reimbursed.

Expensify alleviates that stress. This free app will sync your credit card transactions with receipts scanned by your phone’s camera. If you are driving, it will track mileage and generate an exportable summary report that syncs with QuickBooks, Google Docs or other Expensify users.

2) Need to read that presentation….

Scenario: You receive a crucial report or a client presentation on your phone, yet know you can’t get a good look until you get back into the office or your hotel room. will help. Not only does it render documents, PDFs and media, more importantly, allows for on-phone collaboration. You can assign edits, monitor changes and view document owners while on the go.

Honorable Mentions: Documents To Go, GoodReader, Dropbox, Quickoffice, iWork, Roambi.

3) Planes, trains and automobiles…and meetings

Scenario: You have nine meetings in six cities in three days and you could use some help organizing the logistics.

TripIt will fill in the gaps; go ahead and toss that manila folder of printouts in the trash. With this Webby-award winner, upload and store all your flight, hotel and rental car information, and Tripit will feed you back arrival/departure information, directions and mileage between the airport and each meeting. In most cases all you need to do is forward your confirmation emails to, and the app automatically is updated with the information a few minutes later.

4) Elephants never forget, but you do….

Scenario: You’re navigating through the crush of the airport security line and suddenly you have an amazing—no, brilliant—revelation on how to solve “that issue” that’s been plaguing your project.

Evernote will make sure it’s not lost into the ether of forgetfulness. Whether by typing, using your camera phone, cribbing a note from a webpage or dictation, Evernote will capture the thought and organize it with the rest of your brilliant epiphanies. And since everything is stored in the cloud, you can access your notes and musings with the desktop version once you have some peace and quiet.

Honorable Mentions: SimpleNote, Dragon Dictation

5) A terrible week to be out of the office…

Scenario: You’re slammed with collaborative projects involving everything from correspondences to integrations to interviews, and by some cruel twist of fate, you have to travel across the country to attend an all-day seminar.

Basecamp, or one of the many compatible apps like Encamp, will keep everyone synched up. Post new tasks, mark others complete and note new milestones all from the mobile app. A concise dashboard will break down where you and your teammates stand on your projects. The only downside is that an Internet connection is required to use this app.


Apr 19 '14

#HappyEaster from the #CloociCreative team! #MakeThingsFun